Dressed in a stylish dark jacket and a white button-down shirt, the 33-year-old Brady Smith, a resident of San Diego, is the co-founder of a chocolate-producing business in the state of California.

It was the summer of 2016, and Smith was looking to launch his chocolate venture in California, where the chocolate industry is booming.

He had to find a suitable location in the Golden State.

Smith has worked with his cousin to find the perfect spot, which he’s been doing ever since.

“It’s been a long, hard road, but we’ve done it,” he said.

Smith has been in touch with a local chocolate supplier to find out how to get his chocolate into the country.

The result?

Smith’s first batch of chocolate zuccchini bread.

Smith said his family’s chocolate is made from local ingredients, including cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar, and cacao powder.

The zucchi fruits, as well as the sweet, nutty chocolate filling, are all local and handcrafted.

The recipe is a hybrid between the traditional traditional method of making chocolate using cocoa, and the modern way of making the chocolate using pure chocolate.

The method uses only three ingredients: cocoa, sugar and pure cacao.

The cocoa butter is from a local dairy, and its a high-quality, high-protein butter.

The sugar is pure cocoa powder, and it’s made from sugar cane and cocoa trees.

“It really makes a difference,” Smith said.

“If you have the right ingredients, it’s going to taste just like your favorite chocolate.”

Smith, who is currently in his early twenties, is not only an entrepreneur, but a scientist and a certified chocolate expert.

He’s also an expert on how to properly handle cacao and chocolate.

His work has been featured in numerous publications including Food & Wine and The Guardian.

Smith is also a former professional wrestler.

His mother, Jill Smith, also worked for Kraft chocolate.

She was the first person to create the original Kraft Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and was inducted into the Kraft Chocolate Hall of Fame in 2011.

“She had the perfect recipe, and she had the right chocolate,” Smith told ESPN Clic.

“When she was making her first batch, she took out a bottle of water, put it in a jar, and put the chocolate in the jar and let it sit there.”

Smith said his mother is now a chocolate expert and a chocolate enthusiast.

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