Panera’s bread in South African supermarkets is already popular with the public and the company has already raised $1.6 billion from investors.

Now, the South African government wants to get in on the action.

It has decided to issue a tender for a panera bread franchise, which is supposed to be the first of its kind in the country, according to a statement from the South Africa’s Ministry of Agriculture.

According to the government, the franchise is expected to be up and running by October 31, 2020, and is expected give the public access to the popular bread, which can be purchased at any of the 10 participating outlets in the area.

Panera’s South African branch has been around for almost 20 years.

It currently has a network of over 2,500 outlets in 17 countries.

Panerschweiger, a Panera franchisee, said the tender is a good first step towards establishing a Panerse bread franchise in South Africans and the government should take note of it.

However, there are some problems, he added.

In addition to not having a presence in South Africas capital, the Panerscheins franchised stores in the national capital, Pretoria, have yet to receive a tender.

According the statement, this is because the franchised outlets do not have any of their employees on hand to supervise them.

In order to get their franchise up and going, Panera will have to raise $1 billion in its first funding round, and this is expected in October.

The franchisee told The Hindu that his company will now be focused on opening its first Panerese bakery in Pretoria.

He said that the franchisee will be working with the local authorities and Panera to build up a business base in Pretorius.

Panerse in South Australia, like in other South African states, has a strong public appetite for the Panera bread.

Its popularity has led to it being one of the most popular brands among customers in the city.

The company is also planning to set up a second franchised store in South Cape, with the aim of opening more locations there in the near future.

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