The actor’s latest TV series, “The Doctor,” stars the “Doctor Who” actor as a doctor who discovers that he can transform into a superhero.

“He was a superman when he got to the end of ‘The Day of the Doctor,'” Tennant told EW.

I did a scene where [Spencer] Coleman’s character says, ‘I can’t be like the Impossible,’ because the Impossible is not going to be in the story,” he said. “

Tennant, who plays “The Day” in “The Walking Dead,” recently revealed that he had been playing “The Impossible” actor in the show.”

I wanted to make him a different person.” “

It’s going to have a different origin.

I wanted to make him a different person.”

“The End” actress said that she felt that the Doctor “wouldn’t have had a superhero career if he wasn’t the Doctor.

I don’t think that he would have had an audience, and that would have been cool.”

“It was like ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Doctor of Magic’ to me,” Tennant added.

“I feel like I could be like that.”

The Doctor, who also stars in “Marvel’s Agent Carter” and “Fringe,” is currently in production on “Marvel Superheroes” and is set to debut in 2019.

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