Apple is set to release a ‘crazy bread’ that can hold up to 50,000 calories and make it into an airplane

Apple is about to release an ultra-simple bread-maker that can store up to a 50,00 calorie meal and be made into an airline ticket.

The company is set for a public event on Tuesday, September 20, and will show off the new breadmaker, called the Bree Aerobie, which is due to be launched in late 2019.

The Bree AerOBie is a bread maker that’s smaller and lighter than a typical bread machine, which means that it can fit into the same pocket or bag as a conventional loaf of bread, but is made with a special blend of nutrients and sugars that help it store up a whopping 50, 000 calories.

The bread maker can hold a maximum of 50, and even if you don’t eat that many calories, it’s still going to have the nutritional benefits of a regular loaf of bakery bread.

The Bree Aeroblade is the first bread maker to feature this special blend.

It’s not clear exactly how much energy is required to make the Bree, but according to Apple, it can hold its own up to 10 times its normal weight.

It also features a special coating to help keep the machine from getting dirty, and the machine can be charged using a magnetic charger.

The Aerobies are a product of Apple’s Advanced Manufacturing team, which has developed a range of other food products including the Apple Watch and Apple Pencil.

This includes the Aerobiest, which uses a combination of yeast, maltodextrin and sugar to make a sourdough bread, and an Aerobike, which holds 50, 50-calorie meals.

According to Apple’s official website, the Bree is designed to make up for the weight of the bread machine by combining high-quality ingredients and using a special, unique blend of ingredients to boost its nutritional benefits.

The company also recently introduced the Apple Pen, which can hold 50, 100-calories meals and will be available for $150.

The Apple Pen can be used with the Bree or the Apple Ego, but the Bree will be the first to come with Apple Pen as an accessory.

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