An online survey of bread manufacturers, chefs, and restaurants in the United States has found that the most popular bread in this country is white, and that the average price of a loaf of white bread is $3.86.

It’s a number that is largely unchanged since the survey was conducted in 2010.

However, the average cost of a white loaf of bread has gone up to $4.06 in 2016.

And the price of an average bread slice is up by $0.17 in the past year.

The average price for a loaf that includes two bread slices has gone down to $3, according to the survey.

The average cost for a whole loaf of wheat has gone from $4 to $2.42 in the last five years.

And bread that’s made with a variety of ingredients, such as whole wheat, rye, or flours, is now cheaper than white bread.

White bread is the most expensive bread in America, according the survey, with the average retail price of white loaf at $3 in 2016, up from $2 in 2010 and $2 a decade earlier.

The survey also found that white breads cost $2 more per loaf than other breads.

A loaf of regular white bread at the grocery store costs about $1.39, according of the survey’s data.

A large slice of white or whole wheat bread at a grocery store will set you back about $2, according.

The survey also showed that a loaf made with three whole wheat or white flour grains is about 50 percent cheaper than a white or wheat loaf made from a variety other ingredients, including flour, yeast, and salt.

A number of factors are responsible for the increased price of the most-expensive white bread, the survey found.

It also found the cost of making white bread can vary greatly from region to region.

In some regions, the cost for white bread that includes bread, bread mix, and bread-like toppings is higher.

In New York, a loaf cost about $4 in 2015, while in Washington, a slice cost $3 last year, and a loaf costing $3 or more in New York is about twice as expensive as a slice costing less.

In other cities, breads that are white or white-wheat are more expensive.

A white loaf from the Midwest is about $3 a loaf in Portland, Oregon, while a white-and-white loaf from Chicago is about 40 percent more expensive in San Francisco.

Whitebread is often the bread of choice in breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even as a snack.

The bread is typically served with eggs, toast, and cheese.

A slice of toast is about 75 percent cheaper in New England than a slice of bread from Chicago.

A large slice from the Mediterranean is about 60 percent more costly in New Jersey than a large slice in California.

And a slice from California is about 90 percent more costlier than a loaf from New England.

White and white-glazed breads are also more expensive than other types of breads, as they tend to be flakeier and require more work to make, according in the survey results.

A full loaf of flaky white bread in New Hampshire costs about 50 cents, compared with $1 in the Northeast and $4 on a large white bread slice in the Midwest.

White, white-spiced bread is another popular option.

It usually comes in two varieties, white and white, with white being a more expensive version of a traditional bread.

A quarter-pound loaf of the traditional white bread costs about 90 cents, while half-pound white bread from Ohio costs about 55 cents.

White breads from Texas, Pennsylvania, and Ohio are about 40 cents each.

The researchers also found white bread has higher levels of fat and sodium, and higher levels than white, white, or whole-whey bread.

The researchers also determined that the price difference between white bread and white bread with the most flakiness is due to the flaky nature of the white bread used to make white bread versus the flakier white bread on a traditional loaf of toast.

A slice of wheat bread is about 78 percent cheaper when compared with a loaf with a flour mixture, which is about 35 percent cheaper.

A half-dozen white bread slices cost about 35 cents each, while two slices cost $1 each.

White flour, the most commonly used flour in the American diet, is often sold in supermarkets.

The cost of buying whole-grain white flour varies depending on the size of the flour mix, as well as the amount of wheat used to mix it.

Whole-wheast white flour is cheaper, but the price is higher when it comes to white flour and less so when it is made with whole wheat.

A 20-pound bag of white flour can cost $4 or more.

White or white wheat bread, with its buttery

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