‘It’s just another day at the office’: McDonald’s workers say they’ll stick with it despite strike

The fast-food giant is struggling to keep its workers on track amid a labour dispute with the union that is threatening to derail the company’s plans to open more than 200 restaurants.

The fast food giant is in the midst of a labour strike, which will begin on Thursday and last until March 29, to keep more than 100 McDonald’s restaurants open.

The fast food chain has been fighting a union drive that the International Franchise Association (IFA) is pushing to bring back the so-called “full-time” model, which allows employees to take home more than 30 hours a week of work and to have a union representative on the payroll.

While the union is trying to keep McDonald’s employees in the office longer than normal, the company has been trying to avoid taking drastic measures, including hiring fewer people and reducing the number of hours employees work.

In an interview with the Associated Press news agency, McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson said that while it was important for employees to be working longer hours, the workers’ demands had not been met.

“We want to do the best we can,” Thompson said.

‘We are the only major fast food company in the US that’s willing to go that far’ “Our customers are the best-informed consumers, they’re the most engaged consumers in the world.

And we’re the only company in America that’s prepared to go this far.”

A spokeswoman for the IFA, which represents fast food workers, said it would not comment on specific negotiations, but noted that McDonald’s “is not an employer of choice” and that its contract with the AFL-CIO expired in June.

Earlier this month, McDonalds said it was going to raise wages and benefits for its workers.

The company is also considering a new model for franchise restaurants.

However, McDonald and its franchise owners say the new plan will not save them money.

They say they need to raise salaries to pay for new technology and other improvements, such as more employees on the floor and more staff training.

Despite the recent labour strike and the IEA’s threat, McDonald said its franchisees would keep operating and that it was committed to continuing to provide McDonald’s customers with the quality and value they have come to expect from McDonald’s.

More to come.

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