A new report by weather service agency Weather Underground has been issued, as it reveals which weather conditions will make for a good, well-rounded brunch this weekend.

In its latest weather forecast, Weather Underground is forecasting a high of 46C in the south of England with a high temperature of 27C.

In Scotland, the temperature is expected to be 32C with a wind chill of -15C.

While these high temperatures and wind chill are expected, the coldest weather is expected in parts of southern England, with a minimum temperature of -5C.

This forecast is based on average temperatures for Saturday afternoon across the UK.

For the South East, a high pressure system will bring freezing rain and gusty winds, with temperatures expected to drop to -10C and wind gusts of up to 25km/h.

In the North East, there will be gusty breezes, and an occasional cloudburst.

In the South West, there is a low pressure system bringing sleet and snowfall, with wind gust totals of 30km/hr.

On Sunday, it will be sunny with a light to moderate breeze with temperatures forecast to drop as low as -5-10C with some wind chill.

However, the weather service warns that these conditions will become more severe as the day goes on.

It recommends people stay indoors and wear warm clothing and long-sleeved shirts.

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