Posted March 15, 2019 13:25:13When you think of banana bread, you probably think of crunchy, sweet muffins that have a banana flavour.

The recipe for the muffin dough has a simple, but delicious base: flour, a pinch of salt and a pinch or two of baking powder.

But for some people, this is not enough.

There are people who are not allergic to bananas and who don’t want to take a risk and bake a muffin that could contain ingredients they don’t like.

“I think the problem with it is that people who don´t like it and don´s not interested in the risk are the ones that are going to go to the trouble of making their own muffins,” said Wendy Waddell, a professor at the University of Melbourne.

“People who do like the banana flavour but don’t really like baking it, and want to try something different, and don’t know where to start, I think that’s where it comes in.”

So, what is the problem?

Waddell and her colleagues have found a way to create muffins with bananas in a recipe that was previously unavailable in Australia.

She explains that it was because of the way the recipe for banana bread had been written.

To begin with, the recipe used a dough made of flour and a mixture of salt, baking powder and yeast.

Then, a little of this flour was added to the dough, and then it was turned into a batter.

A few drops of salt were added to this batter to make the dough more absorbent, but Waddels team decided to omit the salt altogether.

Instead, they added baking powder to the batter, and added a little more baking powder, and this was followed by the salt.

This baking powder mixture is a mix of salt in a form of flour.

So the recipe uses salt in flour to make a batter, but it doesn’t actually use baking powder in the batter.

“We wanted to give it a banana-flavour to it,” Waddells explained.

“The banana flavour has a lot of texture to it, so we added a banana flavouring and it has banana flavour to it.”

To do this, the team turned to the work of Australian food historian and pastry chef Paul Coker, who created the famous banana bread dough in the 19th century.

Coker was the author of more than 100 banana bread recipes from around the world, and he developed his technique from the research he had done on the ancient recipe.

Waddells team used the research to come up with a recipe for a banana bread that was suitable for use in muffins, and the result is a recipe with banana flavour in it, but without the use of baking flour.

But Waddellen says that the banana-baking technique doesn’t make the muffins any more difficult to make.

It’s just that the recipe itself is so easy to make, she says, because the ingredients are so simple.

For example, there’s just a pinch and a couple of tablespoons of baking sugar.

And the dough itself is just a dough of flour, salt, yeast and baking powder with no baking soda, she said.

Wadells team believes that it is the way in which these ingredients are combined that makes the mufflin taste good.

“It’s not like they’ve tried to add anything extra,” Wadells said.

“They’ve tried really hard to get the banana flavor and the banana flavoured flavour in there.

You’re just getting a very nice banana flavour from the yeast.”

So if you are one of those people who would like to try out the banana bread recipe, you can check out a video of Wendy Wads baking banana bread for The Conversation.

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