The author of the article said that the bakery had been ordered by the police to cease selling bananas for the next two weeks and warned that the police would not hesitate to seize the bananas if they are found to be contaminated.

The author of a report on banana contamination in India said that police would be “extremely strict” with the bakery and “will not hesitate” to seize any banana that they find.

In a letter to the owner of the bakery, the police requested him to stop selling bananas to customers and said that they would also take other measures to control the production of bananas.

Police spokesperson Ashok Bhandari said that, as per the police regulations, they will seize any bananas that are found contaminated and “are found to contain the presence of any toxin”.

“Bananas, including bananas from the Republic of Bhutan, should not be sold in this way.

They should only be purchased from authorised vendors.

This includes restaurants and cafes,” Bhandar said.

Bananas were the second most consumed fruit in India in 2014, and the number of cases of banana poisoning in the country has seen a spike in recent years.

More than 300 cases of a banana-poisoning disease have been reported in India since March 2015, according to the National Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (NCDCP).

Bananas are the most common fruit consumed by Indians, accounting for almost 85% of the total consumed fruit, according the Centre for Agricultural Research and Extension (CAPE).

According to the Indian Food Standards Authority (IFA), the banana is “the world’s most widely consumed fruit” with about 25% of Indians consuming it every day.

“Bread Proofing Basket” is a basket of homemade bread, baked with flour, yeast and baking powder.

The basket is filled with banana flour, flour and salt and then coated with a thin layer of oil.

The basket is then baked for a minimum of 45 minutes, and then the flour is drained and drained again for 10 minutes.

It is then wrapped in plastic and left to rise for about 30 minutes, then baked again for a further 30 minutes.

The bread is then topped with a layer of butter and sprinkled with salt and pepper.

Banana flour is also used in the preparation of banana breads.

The baking powder is also a component of banana flour.

The banana flour is the most commonly used ingredient in bread baking, with the ingredients usually used in banana flour being wheat, wheat flour and wheat flour.

Bhandari added that, in the past, the government had banned the sale of bananas in the market, citing that they were contaminated by fungus.

However, this ban has not been lifted, and in 2015, the Indian government also banned the purchase of bananas from certain foreign countries.

The IFA said that it has observed a decrease in the number and quantity of cases reported by the government, but said that a number of people were still being diagnosed with the disease.

“It is important that people are educated about the disease and take steps to prevent it from spreading.

This can prevent the spread of the disease in the future,” Bhatari said.

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