The first time I saw this bread proof pan in person, I was a little surprised to see how much I liked it.

I have had a few bread proof pans before and they usually ended up being a little too large for my liking, but the pan here was definitely different.

I love my pans for storing pizza toppings, but this one was much more practical for my daily baking needs.

There was no baking required, the pan just held the toppings for me.

This is an awesome way to get the topping out of the pan and onto a plate.

For more inspiration on what to buy and how to use it, read on.

The basket is made from 1/2-inch (6.5-centimeter) steel sheet metal, and it’s designed to hold 10 to 12 pizzas or pizza rolls.

It’s also easy to clean and doesn’t require a separate dishwasher.

The lid is made of 2/3-inch aluminum, and the basket itself is 2-inch diameter steel.

There are also two different types of holes in the top, and you can choose the size of the holes to fit your preference.

The two metal handles that come with the basket are a little fragile and can be a bit flimsy when it comes to carrying out the job of carrying out toppings.

I’m a little disappointed that the basket is so heavy that it’s a little tough to lift, and I found that if I just pushed the basket to one side, it would slip out from underneath me.

Overall, the basket was great for carrying my pizzas and pizza rolls into my kitchen.

The only downside was that it took about two hours to get it all set up and cleaned.

If you have a bit of time, you could also add a layer of foil to the top to help keep the pan clean.

For this type of baking, you probably won’t need to buy a whole lot of pans, but you might want to get a few of these to try out before deciding which ones are the best for you.

You can find the baking pan on Amazon for $8.99.

If I had to guess, I’d say this is a good option for people who like to have a few extra things to bring to work and family gatherings.

The pan has a sturdy lid, but it’s definitely not for the adventurous baker who might need to use a bread pan for storing the pizza rolls or other toppings at home.

It’ll work for people with smaller kitchens or for people like me who prefer to keep the baking and baking accessories in the kitchen.

I highly recommend trying this out for yourself and let me know how it goes in the comments!

You can also see more of my pizza bread recipes in my book The Joy of Cooking: 50 Easy and Delicious Recipes.

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