Panera Bread locations around the world are offering Thanksgiving dinners in honor of the Great Harvest.

The bread is made from wheat flour and wheat flour products.

The company says it’s all organic, fair trade and gluten-free.

The recipe for a panera sandwich has been shared more than 2.4 million times on social media.

“We’re so happy to be serving our customers the perfect Thanksgiving meal in a healthy way,” said Mike Bielkowitz, vice president of Panera’s global bread operations.

The Great Harvest is a national holiday celebrated each year to celebrate the harvest season.

The holiday began in 1863 in the United States and the holiday has become a global celebration, with more than 7 million people participating in the celebrations.

“This is truly a momentous occasion for us and a time to remember the importance of bread, which has been a cornerstone of our culture and family for generations,” said Jennifer Wierzbicka, co-founder of Paneras World Foods.

“With the great harvest coming, we are celebrating our love for the food we make and celebrating the food of the American family.”

The sandwiches come with butter and cream cheese.

The recipes also include the classic bread with a few twists, including the addition of roasted chicken, sausage, pickled onions and bacon.

“The ingredients that are at the heart of our recipes have always been a family tradition and have grown to be a staple for our customers,” said Amy Mollica, senior vice president and general manager of Paners World Foods, which includes Panera, Panera Market and Panera Baking Company.

“Our family loves our family-friendly products, and we are so proud to be part of this national holiday.”

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