A ‘lame’ cough vaccine that is making headlines in Sweden

A new cough vaccine is making waves in Sweden after a patient died in hospital following it.

The Swedish health minister has described the new treatment as “lame” and the country is considering making it compulsory.

It’s the latest example of a vaccine being rolled out too soon, with some patients dying after getting a shot but others recovering.

But the country’s health minister, Ulla Nystrom, has now said she is concerned about the “lack of knowledge” about the vaccine, which is currently being tested in nine centres in Sweden.

“We have to be vigilant to avoid this happening again,” she told local news station SVT.

“The information is not up to date.”

Ms Nystrom said she had asked the vaccine manufacturer, Lundbeck, to do a review of its vaccine protocols.

“If the manufacturers are not doing their job properly, we need to take action to correct this,” she said.

“But we need a lot of information and it’s too late for us to do that right now.”

Ms Olsson is among more than 600 people to die in Sweden following a vaccine trial in 2016.

A study published in the Lancet last year found the vaccine made some patients cough for longer than they did before.

But a study in 2017 suggested the drug’s safety was still not proven.

The trial had seen four patients receive a single dose of the vaccine and found none of them developed any serious side effects.

In April, the country introduced a new system to make sure all vaccine doses were available to all residents.

But Ms Nystrom has said it is time to take a step back and examine how much information is out there about the vaccines safety.

“It’s not good,” she added.

“In some cases, you can have a vaccine that looks good, but you have a lot that we don’t know.”

She said it was important to keep a close eye on the vaccine because the government needed to ensure the safety of the drugs.

“And if there are problems, we can take them into account.”

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