Bree Daniels was one of those rare breeds.

It was her first real friend.

It was in her early 20s, when she and her sister were living in a small town in northern England.

They shared a single bed, shared a toilet, and spent most of their time playing video games, listening to music, and eating meals in the same dining room.

It felt like the perfect home.

“I thought we were going to live together forever, but then we found out we were only going to be in our early 30s,” Bree recalls.

“It was like a nightmare.”

For two decades, Bree has been spending her days with her sister and a friend, who has become her second and third best friends.

They have spent every weekend together, eating dinners and shopping together and making plans for a big wedding in the coming months.

But, Bree says, her sister decided to change her mind and decided to leave.

“She told me, ‘I’m going to do it with my boyfriend,'” Bree says.

“It was so strange for us.

She was so supportive of us being together, but it was kind of weird for us to be friends with her,” she says.

“I was just so upset.

I was devastated.”

Bree is one of thousands of people in the UK and around the world who have had their friends or family members killed by someone they thought they were dating.

The murder of their close friends and family members is on the rise, and a significant proportion of victims are women.

And while the majority of victims in UK crimes are men, many victims are young girls, and the most recent figures show that women make up over 50% of all victims of domestic violence in the country.

“When you look at the numbers, it’s really sad,” says Kate Wilson, the CEO of charity Justgiving.

“The number of people who have been murdered and killed by their partner, or someone who was their boyfriend, is just staggering.

It’s an incredibly high crime rate.”

A new app, Trigger, aims to stop people from becoming the next victimsBree Daniels had to make the difficult decision to leave her friend, her family and friends.

It is a decision she is not ashamed of, and it was a decision that her sister says was easy for her to make.

“Bree was a great friend, and I was so lucky to have been with her for so long, but when I realised she was leaving, I felt really awful.

It just felt wrong,” Bree says of her sister.”

But I knew she would be OK, because she was always so kind and caring, and she was so smart and she knew how to put together a really good life for herself,” she adds.

Bree says she was also told by friends that her parents would not be able to take her back, so she and the two girls had to move out together.

“We were like, ‘OK, we’ll just live together now,’ ” she says, “because we felt like we were getting on so well, and now it was time to get on with our lives.”

Bri and her two younger sisters, Bri and Bri, now live in a two-bedroom flat with their grandparents.

Bri says that she has been living with her family for a couple of years now, and has made plans for the next few months to visit her grandparents.

“Our parents are very much supportive,” she explains.

“My parents are incredibly supportive, and we are very grateful for that.”

My mother-in-law is also a big supporter of our family, so I am just thankful for that, as well,” Bree adds.

For the past three months, Bree and her siblings have been spending every weekend with their grandmother, and have also been spending most of the time with their cousins, who are also grandparents.”

We have been in contact with the [national] family support network [NFSL], who are really supportive and really caring,” Bree explains.”

They have been helping us to get over any issues we might have had in the past and to get past any fears that might have been associated with having our family together.

We have really just been grateful to them, because we never really felt safe.

I said, ‘Are they really away? “

She was like, oh, my god, my grandparents are not here, they’ve got to be away.

I said, ‘Are they really away?

Are they just not coming to come and see us?’

They were like: ‘No, they’re here.'”

The girls really appreciate that, and they’re really looking forward to it.””

Because we’re all so close and we all share the same roots, and so I can just tell them, ‘You can go and see them.'”

The girls really appreciate that, and they’re really looking forward to it.

“The girls have been doing well

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