Bread without yeast: How to make healthy banana bread without the yeast

A quick, healthy loaf of bread without flour and yeast is a treat! 

But you might not be surprised to learn that it also doesn’t have to be this way. 

It is possible to make your own gluten-free bread without any ingredients. 

This simple process is called “bread making.” 

The recipe below is adapted from a post by Lisa Lee, a Certified Gluten Free Cook and owner of Baking for Kids. 

In the video, Lisa demonstrates how to make gluten-Free Bread Without Yeast, and she explains the benefits of gluten- free bread and how you can make gluten free bread without gluten.

Lisa Lee has a simple and easy recipe that is gluten- and dairy-free. 

To make it, you will need:A small baking sheet and cookie sheet (or baking mat if you don’t have one). 

You can also use an oven mat, cookie sheet or even a sheet pan to keep the dough in a loaf. 

A bowl of water. 

An ice bath (or a strainer). 

Some baking soda. 

And a loaf pan.

Step 1: Prepare your baking sheet. 

This recipe makes a 9-inch loaf that will fit on a 9 x 13-inch baking pan. 

(I like to use the 9-1/2-inch pan, which is smaller than the 9 x 9 pan, but the 9 inch pan will work as well.)

Step 2: Add all the ingredients to your baking dish. 

The dough is in a bowl, so this is the perfect time to add all the dry ingredients and mix it all up. 

Step 3: Roll the dough out on the baking sheet to make it fit the baking pan, then add the water and ice bath. 

Once all the flour has been added, you are done. 

Now you are ready to add the yeast. 

Using the dough hook attachment, roll the dough into a 10-inch wide circle and then roll the remaining dough into the dough circle, making sure to make sure you use all of the dough. 

If you are using a larger pan, you can roll it into a 6-inch circle instead of a 10 x 6-inches, and then continue with rolling it into the 12 x 12-inch dough circle. 

You should be able to fit the dough on the pan without sticking, and the dough will form a flat surface that is easy to roll into. 

Tip: If you don�t have a rolling pin, you could use a rolling mat or a cookie sheet instead of the rolling pin. 

Here are a few tips for rolling your dough: 1.

When you roll the gluten- Free Bread Without Erythritol dough into 12 x 6 x 12 inches, it will become soft, but it will also become sticky. 


When you roll it, it may become sticky because of gluten, which will give you an uneven texture. 


Try to roll it in the dough that is most comfortable to you, and it should form a fairly even surface. 


Make sure to add flour after you add the gluten, as this can be difficult. 


Be sure to cover the pan or you will make a mess. 


Place the dough over the top of the water bath, which should make a large bowl. 

Then, using the dough hooks, roll it out into a 12- inch wide circle.

If you are making a larger loaf, use a bowl for this. 


Pour the dough mixture onto the bowl, using your hands to roll the loaf out as well as using the cookie cutter to cut out shapes for the dough to stick on. 8. 

After rolling the dough, you should have a flat, smooth surface, so make sure to roll out as smooth as you can. 


With a rolling spatula, roll out the dough with your fingers. 


While rolling, carefully flip the dough twice to ensure the edges are touching. 


Next, add the remaining flour. 


Finally, roll up the dough and place it into your loaf pan (or you can use a cookie or paper bag to keep it in place). 


Taste your gluten-FREE Bread Without Cheese Bread! 

(See photo above!)

Step 1.

Prepare your dough. 

 You will need the following:1. 

Baking Sheet. 

 You will also need a cookie scoop or cookie cutter or a large pastry bag to fill your dough circle with. 



A 9-Inch Bread Pan, or a 6 X 9-in.


It will work fine with a cookie cutter. 


Water.  3. Ice. 

4. Flour.

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