‘A great way to start a ketogenic diet’: Italian restaurant offers healthy banana loaf

By JOE HENRYThe Italian restaurant The Spicy Bar has made headlines around the world after its customers were given a banana bread that contained a high concentration of healthy carbs, including fiber.

“You can’t put something on the market that’s so healthy it’s good for you, but that’s what The Spicys banana bread is,” owner Maria del Ponte said.

The restaurant’s owner says that while the bread was “healthy and tasty”, it’s not the type of healthy bread that people are craving.

“It’s not for the faint of heart, it’s for those who want to get into the ketogenic keto diet,” she said.

“We made it with a low carb, moderate protein diet and we’re a little bit stricter on the carbs than many other places, but we’re not limiting anything, we’re only restricting a small amount.”

Del Ponte says she’s never met anyone who’s struggled with keto, and the bread is not a keto-specific recipe, but it’s a good start for anyone interested in starting a ketotic diet.

The menu at The Spiced Bar has a few healthy options, including a salad made with spinach, a bread in spanias, a loaf with a baked tomato and avocado, and a bread made with rice and peas.

The Italian food chain is hoping that people who have tried other healthy-sounding ketogenic recipes will be able to give it a try.

“People will be surprised at how well this one is going to work,” del Ponta said.

“It’s a low-carb, moderate-protein diet and it’s just a very tasty bread.”

The Spicy Bakery in Melbourne has been serving healthy banana-breads for years.

Owner Mark Smith says the banana breads are popular with his customers.

“If you have a craving for something that’s going to be healthy for you and you want to go down a different path, this is a great way of starting that journey,” Smith said.

Smith said his customers love the banana-like consistency of the bread, and have enjoyed it so much that they are giving it a second chance.

“This one has been out for a while now, it has become the staple in our family,” he said.

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